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- 2/13/07: Added 1990 Hard 'n' Heavy interview with photos and audio.
- 10/17/05: Large amount of
Tablatures added! Woohoo! :)
- 10/07/05:
Fresh News from Marky... 
- 07/01/05:
Latest News Marky's official reply about Coroner reunion...
- 05/01/05:
Reborn Through Hate lyrics added.
- 05/01/05: More pics of Doomsday News CDs added.
- 03/12/05:
Latest News about possible Coroner reunion.
- A
1993 review of Grin.
- A
1991 article and 1988 review of PDF added.


Welcome to the Coroner Web Site!

Coroner was one of those underrated metal bands, mostly known to hardcore fans. Often labelled a thrash band, their music went far beyond was is usually thought of as thrash metal. Releasing five albums and a semi-compilation in eight years -- from the unpolished and technical speed of 1987's "R.I.P." to the heavier and more laidback style of "Grin" -- the band progressed consistently, without ever losing their identity. Composed of only three members -- Tommy Vetterli (guitar), Marky Edelmann (drums) and Ron Broder (bass/vocals) -- Coroner stood out of the metal scene with outstanding musicianship, creativity, raw power, technical skills and innovation.

Unfortunately, due to lack of exposure and poor management from their label (Noise,) Coroner never got the credit they undoubtedly deserved. They broke up after the release of 1993's "Grin", releasing one last compilation album in 1995 to fulfill their contract with Noise, but without Marky on drums (who had, by then, joined Apollyon's Sun, while Tommy momentarily went to Kreator.)

I'm dedicating this web site to Tommy, Ron and Marky to thank them for all the wonderful times I've had (and will have) listening to their beautifully-inspired music. And I'm sure I'm speaking for all of us out there. I will always keep their name alive.

If anyone -- and that means you -- has anything at all that they would like to add, say or comment on, please feel free to post in the Message Board

You can also sign the Coroner Guestbook.


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"Escorted by a thousand souls, remembered but still unknown..."
- "Son of Lilith" - Mental Vortex -

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