The Albums

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1987 1988 1989 1991 1993 1995
R.I.P. Punishment For Decadence No More Color Mental Vortex Grin Coroner
R.I.P. Punishment For
No More Color Mental Vortex Grin Coroner

Compilation Albums:
Doomsday News CD - Front Doomsday News CD - Back
Doomsday News - "Arrogance in Uniform" - great song.

Click to view Doomsday News CD inlay 1 and inlay 2.

Doomsday News 2 CD - Front Doomsday News 2 CD - Back
Doomsday News II - "Hate, Fire, Blood" - short track (1 minute 17 seconds.) Recorded in May 1988.
Doomsday News 3 CD - Front Doomsday News 3 CD - Back
Doomsday News III - Three live titles (D.O.A., Absorbed, and Read My Scars) from the "No More Color - Live in East Berlin" video. Recorded on March 4, 1990.
Death Cult
The demo album entitled Death Cult was recorded around 1986, with Tom Warrior of Celtic Frost doing the vocals.
This demo was also released on CD in 1996.
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A tape entitled The Unknown Unreleased Tracks 1985-95 was also available during the Coroner "farewell tour" in Europe, in early 1996.

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The Videos:

Doomsday News Video - Front Doomsday News Video - Back
No More Color - Live in East Berlin (1990.)
Doomsday News I - video for Masked Jackal (Noise Intl. - 1989)
Doomsday News II - video for Last Entertainment (Noise Intl.)
Grim Tales - video for I Want You (Noise Intl.)
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Where to Find Coroner Albums:

Compact Disk Europe, Inc.

This company carries ALL the Coroner albums, including the hard-to-find last two albums ("Grin" and "Coroner") and other rare imports! (as of August, 2004) (Rare & Import CDs)

They have all Coroner albums, except the last two: "Grin" and "Coroner". They have a "Coroner" video and DVD as well (as of August, 2004.)

(or click here to go directly to the Coroner listings in their catalog.)

They have all of Coroner's albums (also "import versions",) except the last two: "Grin" and "Coroner" (as of August, 2004.)

Or Find Just About Anything On eBay

eBay is an auction web site where you can buy used or new stuff. I've seen rare Coroner items there, so check it out!

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