Thanks a lot to all those who contributed in adding new contents to this site:

Keith French for starting  the original Coroner Page a few years back.
Andy M. Siegrist, ex-Coroner fan club manager, for fresh news and exclusive interview.
Da~Judge and Mindgrinder for Coroner tabs.
John Oster of Psypheria for the article in the magazine Illiterature.
Drew Johnston for the article in Thrash Metal magazine.
Pjotr Giling - - for scans of "Death Cult" demo pics.
Suzy Dittmer - - for an early pic of the band.
Pekka Verronen for lyrics of the "Grin" album.
David Bloch - - for help with the "Grin" lyrics.
Stephane Madelaine, for miscallaneous info and articles from French magazines.
Iain at icb <> for info about "The Unknown Unreleased Tracks 1985-95". for info on compilation albums. for scan of the "Coroner" album cover image. for miscellaneous info.
Marcel Pol for concert pictures taken at the 1993 farewell tour in Holland.
"Geezo" for writing concise album intros for each album page, and for the 1990 interview in RIP Magazine!
And all other fans who contributed one way or another to this site!
Darryl B. (aka Witchfynde) for Coroner articles/reviews, multiple scans, transcripts, sound clips, and more!
Dan Goujon for a large amount of the Coroner tablatures offered on this site.


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