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October 7, 2005 

Marky Got Married - Will Meet With Tommy and Ron Soon 

Marky sent me an email today to apologize for the "long" silence. He said he'd been having major computer problems, and also that he had just gotten married the previous week-end, which pretty much kept him busy for the last few months.

He has, however, not forgotten about Coroner fans. He will be meeting with Tommy and Ron as soon as possible to discuss their plans for the "surprises" he talked to me about last summer.

Now let's just hope he can convince the other guys to go along with the plan :) More news as soon as I hear anything back from him!

July 1, 2005 

Marky's Official Reply About Coroner Reunion

Marky wrote back and said he met Ron and Tommy two weeks ago to talk about the reunion. Unfortunately, he said it was now 100% sure there would be no Coroner reunion or live shows. He explained the main reason was that neither he, Ron, nor Tommy had the time it would require to do this properly, and also that neither of them liked to, I quote, "reheat things, except spaghetti sauce."

Marky explicitly asked me not to post his email on the web, but he said that they were all extremely touched by the interest of all the fans and -- for this very reason I believe -- they would meet again in two weeks for two other things he doesn't want me to reveal yet. Both things are still very uncertain, and one of them -- the most uncertain of the two -- is particularly exciting, although it's not a reunion, and it's not a new album.

Keep checking the Coroner Message Board and this site for news because one of the things he talked about, if it happens, will be an exclusive time-limited opportunity that will be announced here.

More news about all those mysteries as soon as I hear from Marky again and get the green light from him! :)

March 14, 2005

Marky sent a quick reply already (see news below.) He said he would contact Tommy in the next few days so they can put together some info on what they're up to. So we should know for sure if there's any possibility of a Coroner reunion from the Masters themselves soon, or whatever their individual plans are.

Marky was also touched (and I detected a hint of surprise too) by all the great comments posted about Coroner :)

March 12, 2005

A news article about a possible Coroner reunion (for a one-time gig) was posted on on March 10, 2005. The link to the article is here: Coroner Reunion In The Works? 

I have contacted Marky and Tommy in hopes of confirming this amazing possiblity :) Hope the guys are not out of town and that I'll get a quick reply... I will post any news about this here and on the Coroner Board as soon as I hear anything, if I hear anything...

In the meantime, show your support for Coroner by posting your comments on the Blabbermouth article about the band, and Coroner Board! (I've sent the links to the guys!)

September 2001

It took longer than expected, but here it is, as promised! An exclusive interview with Marquis Marky, just for us on the Coroner Page! Enjoy! :)

May 2001

I am planning to do an interview with Marky Marquis soon. If there is anything in particular that you would like me to ask him, please post your suggestions in the Coroner Message Board.

June 1998

Appollyon Sun (Marky's new band) signed a contract for their first album -- titled "Sub" -- which should be released before the end of this year. They promise, I quote, "adventurous power music". Can wait to hear that! You can read everything about it from the Appollyon Sun's new web site.

April 1998

Exclusive Coroner interview for the Coroner Page, done in April 1998! Tommy, Ron and Marky answer questions just for us! Thanks to Andy M. Siegrist (ex-Coroner Fan Club) for getting in touch with the guys and gathering their answers for me!

February 1998

Here's some fresh news from Andy M. Siegrist (ex-Coroner Fan Club):

  • Tommy Vetterli (aka T. Baron): Still playing with Kreator. Currently touring and recording some new stuff.
  • Markus Edelmann (aka Marky): Still playing with Apollyon Sun. Andy says, I quote:
    "Marky and Thomas Fischer's (Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost) new Band Apollyon Sun has just signed a long term deal with Ron Smallwood Enterprises in London (Iron Maiden). Their sound is really good but far apart from Coroner. It is like some sort of Techno Metal, very dark with some good riffing and it is extremely danceable. They will record their first album this spring in England."
  • Ron Broder (aka Royce): Out of the music business for now :( Ron's currently working for his father's paint company, which will eventually be his.

July 11, 1997

A short review of Kreator's "Outcast" by one of the European fans:

"Outcast is a very good album. It's a lot heavier than their previous (and brilliant!) effort "Cause For Conflict". You can tell that Tommy is responsible for slowing things down a bit. And he's had a BIG influence on the Kreator-sound too. There are some riffs and tempo changes that are typically Coroner, which definitely takes the album to a higher level. Sadly though, there are NO! Tommy-solos on the album (except 1/2 a solo on one of the tracks, but it's too short to be called one), which of course is a real waste of talent when they have someone with his skills. In fact, there are no solos at all on the album, and I guess Mille is the one who wants it to be that way".

July 1997

Kreator's new album has been released in Europe and is titled "Outcast". It should be available in the US shortly (hopefully by the end of July '97). Let's hope that Tommy Vetterli had a huge influence on this album, not only as a guitarist, but as a composer too!

Any European fan out there who would give a short review of the new Kreator album? If so, please email me! :)

May 1997

Marky Marquis joined Apollyon Sun, the new band of late Celtic Frost, Tom G. Warrior.

From the Apollyon Sun web page, at

"A most impassioned aspiration was fulfilled in late 1996, when former Coroner drummer and long-time friend Markus Edelmann joined the project."

January 1997

Tommy Vetterli (aka T. Baron) has been recruited as German band Kreator's new guitarist. Kreator has just started work on their forthcoming album, scheduled for a May '97 release in Europe.

Info found on the SCREAM Webzine "News" page, at

June 1996

Andy M. Siegriest, who used to take care of the ex-Coroner Fan Club, just announced me that Clockwork (Tommy's new band) has broken up too :( It seems like Tommy's only project for now is to play in concert with Swiss-French songwriter Stefan Eicher again. For the US fans, Stefan Eicher plays some kind of indefinite alternative/pop music -- nothing to do with metal, that's for sure :( What a waste for a unique and talented musician and composer like Tommy!!! Let's hope that he will soon find something that fits his amazing skills a little better...

April 1996  (Cet article aussi en franšais)

Short article published in a French magazine after the show in Paris (by Manuel Rabasse):

"It was in a crammed Espace Dunois, in an almost unbreathable atmosphere, that Coroner appeared for one of their farewell shows. It was so hot there that even the most irreducible fans seemed to move in slow motion, as if every move would be a threat to their organism and would suffocate them. Must have been a little cooler on stage, as Coroner gave us a faultless show, once again perfectly mixing an incontestable musical subtlety with astounding power. Sort of a "best of", with the incredible "Reborn Thru Hate", "Grin", "Serpent Moves"... Tommy Baron was most "celestial" during the new instrumental "Gliding Above While Being Below" -- the guitarist left his buddies litterally stuck on the ground while he took off and started to fly high above. Everybody fortunately touched ground after a while for the traditional final with "Der Mussolini", sung by Louis the roadie, as usual, and followed by an epileptic version of "Purple Haze". With the secret hope that this tour won't be the last one, although the band was offering a demo tape with unknown tracks..."

March 1996

All the original members of Coroner went on a "farewell tour" in Europe, earlier this year. Oh well... I wish I'd been there... :(  A French Coroner fan, who attended the show in Paris on January 30th, has been kind enough to give me a few infos about it. So here goes:

They started the show with the tribal Dream Path (from the Grin album), just like they did at the show I myself attended in 1993, in Switzerland. The atmosphere was really hot, as it usually is for that kind of shows in France <g> (where, BTW, Coroner has always been very appreciated, as well by the fans as by the media in general). Such wonderful songs as Divine Step, Grin (Nails Hurt) and Semtex Revolution have been furiously played, as well as the enraged Coroner version of Purple Haze. From the last album, they notably played The Favorite Game and Gliding Above While Being Below. One interesting thing to mention (and, geez, how much I wished I'd been there, again!!!) is that Der Mussolini was sang by... Tommy's guitar roadie, who is in fact the singer of Tommy's new band, Clockwork! At the end of the show, the band gave away their setlist and... another Coroner fan told me one of his friends was able to get (brace yourself!) a tape named "The Unknown Unreleased Tracks 1985-95"!!! (no need to ask me... I don't have it... yet <g>).

France 1996 Tour Dates:

01/26 -- Limoges
01/27 -- La roche/ Yon
01/28 -- Toulouse
01/29 -- Nancy
01/30 -- Strasbourg
01/31 -- Paris
02/01 -- Lyon
02/02 -- Audicourt
02/03 -- Lille

November 1995

As stated in an interview with Tommy T. Baron in the November issue of the magazine "Illiterature", Coroner broke up earlier this year :(  Tommy has formed a new band named Clockwork whose music sounds quite as in the latest Coroner albums. Drummer Peter Haas (who already played most parts on the latest Coroner album), and who previously was with the German band Mekong Delta, has joined Tommy's new band.

In 1993, just after Grin was released, Coroner were already thinking of breaking up because of the lack of concern from their record company, Noise.

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