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I made this MS-Plus! Coroner Desktop Theme for your enjoyment -- totally free for you to use or distribute! Gives you an idea of how obsessed I am with Cononer... <GRIN>

Click here to go to the Coroner Download Page

Info and Instructions:

What you need in order to use it:

You need to have Windows 95 and Microsoft Plus! in order to use this desktop theme.

What is included in the Coroner Theme?

16 wav sounds associated with Windows 9x events, all picked from Coroner songs, of course. Gonna blow your mind when navigating Windows! :} I made sure that the sound samples were not too long or annoying. I disabled the "Open Program" and "Close Program" sounds (as this can become really annoying), but the wav files are there if you want to associate these two Win95 events with a Coroner wav sample.

A set of desktop  icons (32x32 16 color) for "My Computer", "Network Neighborhood" and the "Recycle Bin" (full and empty).

A set of cursors, including an animated one.

A Coroner Wallpaper (tiled Coroner logo).

A color scheme, including the font Zurich. Why the Zurich font, you ask? Because the guys are from Zurich, Switzerland, of course! :)

A Windows 9x animated startup screen, as well as a new exit screen.

How to install the Coroner Theme:

  1. Unzip the files contained in CORTHEME.ZIP into a \Plus!\Themes\Coroner directory (Warning: this zip file contains files will long file names. You will need an unzipping utility that recognizes long file names, such as Winzip for Win95).
  2. If you do not already have the font "Zurich Light BT" installed on your system, the file TT0176M_.TTF is included in the zip file so you can install this font.
  3. Launch MS-Plus! and select the Coroner theme from your \Plus!\Themes\Coroner directory.
  4. To install the Windows animated startup screen and the new exit screens, FIRST MAKE A BACKUP of your current, original logo.sys (located in your C:\ root directory), as well as logos.sys and logow.sys files (located in C:\windows directory). Once you've backed up these 3 files, move the file "logo.sys" from your \themes\coroner directory to your C:\ root directory. Then move the files "logos.sys" and "logow.sys" from your \themes\coroner directory to your \windows directory.
  5. Restart Windows and enjoy! :)

    DISCLAIMER: I do not take any responsibility if you mess up your system files. Install the Coroner Theme at your own risk. BACKUP YOUR WIN95/98 REGISTRY AND LOGO FILES PRIOR TO MAKING ANY CHANGES!!! SAVE YOUR CURRENT DESKTOP THEME BEFORE LOADING THE CORONER THEME!

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