Top Five Solos

Last updated: Tuesday November 21, 2006

You will need an MPEG player that supports MP3 format, such as Winamp (this is a no-nag shareware), to play the sound files below.

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-  Total voters: 51 -

  1. Serpent Moves (24 votes)
    serpsolo.mp3 (67 sec. 473K)
  2. Internal Conflicts (21 votes)

    int_solo.mp3 (75 sec. 602K)
  3. Paralyzed, Mesmerized (17 votes)
  4. Masked Jackal (16 votes)
  5. Son of Lilith (15 votes)

The above list is in order of points (In case of a tie, the tied ones are in alphabetical order). Each point a song has represents the total number of votes received for that song. Each mention of a song in a top five list sent to the address below earns one point.

Also see the Top Ten Coroner Songs - an MP3 sample is available for each Top Ten song.

Coroner Albums Rating

Album Votes Album Votes Total Voters
R.I.P. (1987) 16 Mental Vortex (1991) 43


as of 9/9/1999

Punishment for Decadence (1988) 25 Grin (1993) 60
No More Color (1989) 30 Coroner (1995) 11
Grin is currently rated as the best Coroner album by 32.5 % of the voters.

  Please send me your vote too! Just list your 10 favorite songs and your favorite Coroner album. Thanks!

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